Thursday, October 21

now, where should we begin?

how about the beginning.

omg...i'm gonna have a baby! how the heck did that happen?

i’ve been trying to write something for the last 9 months with no such luck.  i thought I’d blog throughout my pregnancy, but I was busy puking my brains out. 

bettter late than never.  let me get you up to speed. i’ll spare you the love story and mushy details…and by the way, there are lots of mushy details!

here’s a quick time line.

mar 2009:  girl meets super cool boy
july 2009:  girl runs into super cool boy again
aug 2009:  girl dates super cool boy
oct  2009:  girl moves in with boy
feb  2011:  girl is with child
mar 2011:  girl is engaged to boy
july 2011:  girl marries boy

fast-forward 8 months and here we are.

ladies and gentlemen…welcome to my life!

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