Friday, November 5

pregnancy glow...shade of green

my pregnancy was pretty rough.  i imagined a beautiful, blissful, peaceful nine months to nurture my itty bitty baby.   I was going to read to him, listen to music, and think only happy thoughts.

boy was i wrong!   i didn’t have one peaceful day.  in fact, i knew i was pregnant from the start.  i remember the day.  zumba and kickboxing was always a breeze.  until one day i felt pretty winded and couldn’t finish the 1-hour workout.  and it occurred to me, “oh my god, i think I’m pregnant.” 

i couldn’t say it wasn’t possible.  you see, two months earlier, LT and i were in singapore visiting my parents for the holidays.  we got terribly sick…i’m talking fever, chills, body aches, coughing up blood, bird flu sick.  the doc gave me some super strong antibiotics.  he told me that i should use a back up contraceptive since my birth control pills would be ineffective.  i told hunny and he and my sister decided that i should just stop taking the pills.  they thought it would be a good idea to have a baby.  i went along and threw the pills away. 

i would have never been able to plan a baby.  i always knew it would have to be a surprise for me.  but i thought it would take, i don’t’ know, like a year to get pregnant.  i was pregnant two months later, and sick for nine. 

when i say sick, i mean pitifully and pathetically sick.  it started around 2pm and lasted all night.  my life sucked.  happy thoughts went out the window!

LT and my sister were totally there for me.  i’m not sure how they did it, but they got me threw it. 

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