Saturday, October 22

friday night heights

seems like we've had quite of fancy events the last few weeks.  friday night we were honoring my honey's mommy. she's VIP and has accomplished a ton of impressive stuff. for the sake of her anonymity, i will not brag. in any case, we got dressed up. baby and honey were dapper as i'll get out. i wore that red dress, beige platform heels, smoky eye, and red lips. i wanted to make her proud. we were going to have fantastic evening.

i guess nobody bothered to tell baby to be on his best behavior, because the moment we walked in the ballroom he was hellbent on being the center of attention. the only problem, his attention seeking methods involved thrashing his body around and wailing. i knew my night was shot. as quick as i had walked into the ballroom and picked up a glass of wine, i set it down and walked out.

while everyone else indulged in a lavish dinner, i spent my night a hotel room on the 34th floor. the moment the door hit me on the ass, the spanx and the heels came off. the next four hours were filled with me chasing after baby (in a dress two sizes too small, mind you) making sure he didn't fall into one of the thousands of sharp edges on the boutique furniture. the kind of furniture i once dreamed of filling up a penthouse in the city with, now, is merely an unpractical and dangerous frivolity.

i should have known better than taking baby to a party that begins at 7pm which happens to be bedtime as well. i'll never make that mistake again for the sake of baby and mommy!

at least i had a delicious view!

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