Saturday, October 8

stiletto heels, anyone?

i woke up this morning wondering if it's worth the effort...being beautiful and sexy.  yeah, i totally wish i got out of bed looking like playboy model straight out of the centerfold.  i 'm not talking victoria secret.  i love my badonkadonk!  it's still in good form after a baby.  my boobs, well, that's another story for another time.  let's be honest, don't we all want the extra lumps and bumps to just disappear?

we got up this morning and met some friends for breakfast.  i secretly envied the girl that walked in wearing platform heels.  you know that girl, right?  the one that threw on leggings and didn't even bother changing the t-shirt she slept in.  she probably didn't even brush her hair.  the men stared and the women glared.  my natural instinct was to despise the girl and her "stripper heels".  i decided right then and there.  i refuse to be bitter and hateful just because my big ass is in flip-flops. 

as she walked hand-in-hand with her man through the cafe, i realized it was her confidence i envied.  so, what did i order?  hot stripper heels and black coffee, please.

not only do i want to look that good, i want to feel that good.  it is worth the effort!

okay, so i can't pull off platform heels at 8:30am.  but, i can totally pull off these babies.

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