Thursday, October 6

no more t-shirts in bed!

my closet is very sad.  its very big and has lots of space and shelves.  but i'm embarrassed to say that it is full of v-neck t-shirts from a popular superstore that rhymes with schmarget.   i wear them to the grocery store and to dinner.  i wear them everywhere.  in fact, i'm wearing one now.  i'll admit i bought them in every color.  i decided i need to add some variation to my wardrobe.  so, i started with the most important...lingerie!

i don't know how you feel in lingerie.  i feel i'm wearing a cheesy halloween costume.  but that's coming from a woman who feels like a fraud in heels.  well, i went for it.  i found an online boutique with cute, lacy numbers!  i mean, if i was gonna to do this, i was gonna do it right.  after 9 months of baby belly and 9 months of frumpville, i was ready to get a little sexy for LT.  i couldn't decide.  do i want the red one or the black one?  what the heck...i get them both!  i made my purchase, and i can't wait to get them!  

i'm totally going running tomorrow.  get it right, get it tight!

escante was my favorite lines.  bigger cups with underwire will keep everything in place!

sneak peak of one of my picks!

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