Sunday, October 9

need a little pick me up?

man, does breastfeeding take a lot out of you, or what? LT has decided to quit. i try to nurse him in the morning....barely a minute. now that the milk factory is shutting down, i think my boobs are withering away. i swear i used to have firm, supple breasts.  34 dd, i was.

have you ever seen a deflated balloon?  yeah, it's sad!  now, 34 g, i'm not even sure what fills up those cups.  i've never considered having a boob job before.  i never needed one.  i had amazing boobs, and i have no proof.  i wish i had taken some dirty pics back then.  i'll admit, i've recently fantasied about having a boob lift.  at least, i admit it.  i've got "the droop", now.  you know that feeling you get when none of your tops look or feel right, and they just hang.  i was constantly tugging at the neckline of my shirts for fear that someone might get a glimpse of a little sag or stretch mark.  believe me, i am honored and proud of the bounty my bosom have bestowed upon my bundle of joy.  but jeez, he really sucked the life out those poor gals.  two, true casualties.

it's probably been two years since i've shopped for a proper brassiere.  my recent life has been full of shapeless, ill-fitting, bulky nursing bras.  so, i thought i would treat myself.  during a visit to my local department store, i discovered something wondrous!  at a pretty penny, the le mystere dream tisha t-shirt bra makes mountains out of molehills, metaphorically, of course.  for the first time in ages, i felt vivacious!  i had no idea "the droop" had such effect on me.  with the "tisha" on, i proudly stood up straight and stuck out my chest for all the world to admire.  whether you're a 30 a or a 44 h, le mystere is definitely worth checking out.

goodbye sulky sisters. hello bodacious bosom!

one itty bitty issue...not great if you're still nursing.  the molded cup is pretty sturdy.  you pretty much have to take it all off.  not to fret though, le Mmstere has a nursing line!

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