Friday, October 21

wine list

my honey is out of town on business this week. it's not same without him here. it's a little lonely now that baby is asleep. funny how everything changes when i'm the only one in charge.

the dog is laying on the bed with me. dinner is not served. the dishes are not done.
tonight, wine is the only thing on the menu.

hence...the list.

The color and the caffeine is bound to get me up and at em!

 Francis Francis X1 iperEspresso Machine

Making an effort to get rid of all plastic food containers, this makes

an easy transition from oven to fridge to dishwasher! 
Large Glass Refrigerator Dish

I imagine this would make a damn good PBJ.  Mmm...crunchy PB 

with fresh strawberry preserves on toasted brioche with a bread n 
butter pickle on the side.  Great excuse to eat bread!
Olivewood Spreader

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