Saturday, November 26

weaning baby off the bottle

he did it! from one day to the next, he's off the bottle...cold turkey.

the doc recommended i wean him sooner, but the bottle was the only thing between baby and toddler.

i know the responsible choice was to go for it. it took about 4 days for him to adjust. he was fine during the day. taking milk in his cup before naps was a piece a cake. really no different from drinking water.

it was the bedtime snack that didn't go as smoothly. he gets a routine bottle before bed while i rock him. food and drinks are not allowed in his room.

the first night he refused the cup, cried a bit, and went to bed just fine. i did give him a pacifier which is reserved solely for bedtime and only allowed in his bedroom.

the second night, he gave the cup a few tries. still not sure about the cup, he chose to go to bed without it.

the third night, he drank a little more.

the fourth night, he decided to go for it and hasn't looked back since.

over the last couple of months, we've tried lots of sippy cups. they all seem to leak, drip, or have to slow of a flow.

i finally found one that works for us!

green sprout 7oz sippy cup

LO can hang on to it, so we didn't need one with handles. the liquid does come out a little fast, but he's learning to suck it down. all of the other cups i've tried pour way to fast or way too slow. so, as a newbie, i know he'll get used to it.

i love these cups. i use the blue one for water and the green one for milk. when i first checked these out, the reviews were great. but, some moms didn't like that there wasn't a pressure release hole, and that the child would have to release suction to get more liquid.

i actually like this feature, or should i say, lack of it. because there isn't a hole, the flow slows down. this isn't a bad thing for little ones learning to drink from a cup. for the kids that can take down some serious liquid, a straw cup is right up there alley.

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