Wednesday, November 2

i got the "WOW"...lots of them!

hunny and i were invited to a fancy schmancy birthday party downtown for a friend/former boss. i knew there would lots of folks from my former life. some of which i'd be excited to see and some of which not so much. regardless of who was show up, i knew i wanted to walk in the room and get the "Wow"! i also wanted my hunny to think i was the hottest chick in the room. i had my work cut out for me!

i, Miss. V-Neck, was gonna go shopping and get a party dress and party shoes. now, i know what looks cute when i see it. but, i never think it looks cute on ME. my sister, on the other hand, has the party wardrobe down. short skirts, sparkly dresses, platform heels, and she look so cute it them, you just want to choke her. the plan was to buy what she would buy, well, sort of. 

after a few hours of shopping, i scored big time. h&m color block dress with little boobage and little leg, Bebe corset belt to cover the color break and accentuate my waist, and Jessica Simpson peep toes in pewter. i sure this type of get-up is a saturday night uniform for lots of gals. this gal felt a little nervous about it. 

you know how it goes. i thought i looked fat. i thought i looked phony. after staring in the mirror for twenty minutes and tugging my dress in every which direction, i gathered enough courage to walk through my living room. hunny watching football. i was just going to casually stroll through. stroll through like nothing. like i usually dress like this. like, "oh this, i just grabbed something off a hanger". 

silly, huh? why would i feel so self-conscious about some dress. that's what we do to our selves. that's why i don't actually buy cute dresses. they never make it out of the dressing room. 

well, not this time! i bought it. i was going to wear it. and i DID! and everyone loved it. well, they loved me [in it]. 

i got the "Wow"...lots of them! the best part, my hunny couldn't keep his eyes or his hands off me.


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