Tuesday, November 22

my favorite things: oscar del la renta robe

i must admit, i've been working on gettin' pretty. how do they do it? those mom's that are all painted and dressed by 9am.

i don't brush my hair til about 8:30pm every night. that's after a hot shower and right before dinner. i know i've mentioned that me and LT are late eaters.

it's crazy how a hot shower feels like a spa day. i look forward to this time. baby is fast asleep, dinner is ready, house is quiet...time to relax. it's nice! after a shower, i slather on lotion and body oil. no matter what goes on. i slip over my favorite robe. 

i realized the other night, my robe not only makes me look sexy, it makes me feel pretty. it's shear and short and full of surprises. let me explain. when i've got it on, i know LT is wondering what's underneath. 

and i thought, this is something every woman should have in her wardrobe. for one, it forces you to wear something special. not necessarily sleezy...just slinky. 

i mean, you can't get away with wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants underneath one of these. 

so, maybe i'm not dazzling by 9am, but i'm delicious by 9pm!

you should get one...seriously. he'll love it!

here's the one i have. it's got just enough femininity and frills. and, it goes with everything. and although short, it's not too short, so i can run out to the car to get the diaper bag with no shame!

oscar le da renta
secret garden robe

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