Thursday, December 1

what to wear to the company christmas party...oh geez

it's that time of year. twinkle lights are up, wreaths are hanging, and snow if falling. well, maybe snow isn't falling since this is texas. but, the company christmas party invitation came in. you know what that means. it's time to find a christmas party dress!

this year it's gonna take place at a fancy ballroom. i a little nervous and a lot excited. lately, i've been playing with makeup and try not to wear t-shirts everywhere. so, a chance to wear a dazzling dress and a sparkly clutch sounds like a challenge i'm up for. 

you know how these things go. a little boring, a little awkward, and a little smack talking. i'm terrible at party etiquette. i really should join toastmasters. above al, you've got to dress to impress. not too much, not too little. just enough for the men to envy LT, but not so much for their wives to hate me. i'm even capable of making women jealous. i wish!

the only thing, i totally hate shopping for formal dresses. style is not my forte. i don't think anything looks good on me. that's why i usually go for a simple sheath dress. but, i don't want a sheath dress. that's not really who i am. i think i'll try an edgy, glam look.

here are some looks that i found that i just might steal!

i've always wanted to wear a pencil sexy

love the glamorous retro

subtle and about shoe envy

this is just asking for love it, women hate it

modern day cinderella

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