Monday, January 30

magazine quiz monday: teen vogue

Which fashion clique do you belong to?
courtesy of...teen vogue

i am in no way a fashionista. i have hardly any designer labels in my closet. the few i do have came from those discount stores selling irregular and last season items. 

in high school, i was much the same. i'd say, i had a knack for picking classic, timeless pieces. and, i had strange fashion inspirations. for a few months during my sophomore year, i dressed like charlie from willy wonka. i found a navy turtle neck and a dark gray wool skirt and paired it with black knee highs and black mens dress shoes. i also had an ultra preppy phase. i wore argyle vests, corduroy pants, and brown penny loafers. oh, and i can't forget my 60s phase. i was so jackie o...i even had the bob.

today, i'm just now rediscovering my personal style. and, i'm still shopping at those discount stores. although, i seem to return almost everything i buy. here's a little confession...i usually wear it once to some wedding or party before i return it for not fitting well. why do i keep going back? that's why it's $25 dollars instead of $300, right. 

well, let's see where i really stand when it comes to fashion.

Which item do you consider a wardrobe staple?
A jewel tone blazer
A studded black snakeskin clutch
A handsome trench coat, impeccably tailored to your frame
A chunky, patterned knit cardigan

What do your clothes say about you?
For me, comfort is key!
I like mixing brightly colored fabrics with prim and proper silhouettes
I am drawn towards rich fabrics and well-constructed clothes
One can never wear too much black

Which of the following style icons embodies your personal style?
Katherine Hepburn
Coco Chanel
Joan Jett
Agyness Deyn

Which designer do you like the most?
Ralph Lauren
Alexander Wang
Diane von Furstenberg

After school, what can you be caught doing?
Sketching, drawing or painting
Attending a club meeting
Playing a sport
Lounging on the couch

Which school stereotype best suits you?
Student body President

Who's playing on rotation in your iPod or Mp3 player?
Avril Lavigne
Lady Gaga
John Mayer
Regina Spektor

Which store is your first stop at the mall?
American Apparel
Urban Outfitters
American Eagle

With more slacks than skirts, you're the consummate tomboy. Opting for classic, muted clothing that fits you like a glove, your style outlasts the trends and sets you apart from the rest. Although you appreciate a feminine look, you're able to achieve this with the rich textiles associated with men's suits instead of girls' dresses, which is a timeless look everyone can appreciate.

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