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magazine quiz monday: seventeen

which twilight saga relationship are you?

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i'll admit, i've only seen the first of the twilight movies. it was okay. okay, it was more than was cool. the moody melodrama, music, and macho man-boys made me feel 17 again.

this isn't a quiz i would really ever think to take. but, what the heck...i'm curious!

here we go...
1. Cute guys are great, but the surest way for a guy to win you over is to:
Confess his love, off the bat, and mean it.
Come to your rescue in an awkward convo, or when you klutzily trip 
and fall on the way to the bathroom.
Play a hilarious prank on the teacher, in the middle of class.
2. As far as dating history goes…
You’ve dated a few guys, but nothing serious.
What dating history?
You’ve had a serious relationship before, but he kinda turned out to be a jerk.
3. What one word would you use to describe yourself?
4. Who’s your celeb crush?
Paul Wesley — you can tell he’s physically and emotionally strong, like you could really lean on him!
Tristan Wilds —you just know you guys would always have fun together!
Josh Hutcherson — he seems old-fashioned and family-obsessed, in the sweetest possible way.

5. Your perfect date would involve:
A romantic candlelit dinner for two.
A quiet picnic in the park—or a cozy hideout, while a crazy revenge-obsessed vampire hunts you down.
A softball game with him and his family.

6. The cutest couple on TV right now is:

Hanna and Caleb on Pretty Little Liars — you can just tell they love each other unconditionally.
Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl — it’s so amazing how they always end up back together, no matter what.
Puck and Lauren on Glee. So. Much. Fun.

7. This summer’s best movie, hands-down, was:

Friends with Benefits
Captain America
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II

8. In one word, your perfect guy is:


Your perfect love is playful like Jasper & Alice’s.
Relationships are supposed to be fun, and you totally get that. Like fun, spunky Alice, and her perfect match Jasper, you and your guy always get along, and always go out and look for exciting, new things to do together, so you’re never bored. You know that, underneath it all, he’s a good, kind, and caring guy. cute, i think.

although i don't skip around like a perfect little pixie, i am a brunette. my guy isn't a frail, skittish wimp that avoids eye contact, but he is blond.

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