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magazine quiz monday: fitness magazine

what's your fitness savvy?

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i thought a fitness quiz would be right up my alley. i'm busting my buns to get some serious weight off...real fast, for real. i'm gonna be laying on a beach in 11 days. i'd prefer to look like a beach babe, but at this rate i might have more a resemblance to a beach whale. especially considering what i ate on sunday...pancakes, soft tacos, spaghetti, and, to top it off, ice cream! and that was me following the carb load portion of the diet. today, i'm back to protein and fat. except, the first two days are supposed to be 60% fat and 40% protein. i know, i know...i'm such a hypocrite. but, we'll see who has the last laugh.

so, since i feel like a joke of a dieter, i thought, what would be more appropriate than a testing my dieting IQ.

1.  A vegetarian diet is naturally the ticket to losing the most weight.

False. Yes, wholesome fruits and veggies are great for you. But many vegetarians don't watch their protein intake, not only making their diets nutritionally insufficient but also keeping them from feeling full. Portion overload is a common problem in non-meat diets -- combat it with these tips for vegetarians.

2.  Diet or no diet, our metabolism slows as we age, making it easier to pack on (and harder to take off) weight.

True. Yes, metabolic rate does get slower with age -- and that makes it more difficult to work off a nightly second helping of, well, everything. But this process can be slowed to nearly a halt: Experts say regular cardioand strength training can drastically minimize the effects of metabolism slowdown.

3.  How long does it take for dieting success to show up on the scale?

3 to 5 days
2 to 4 weeks
3 to 6 months
2-4 weeks. Even if you notice the needle moving on your scale in the first couple days following a new eating regimen, it's likely just water weight. Real fat loss can take about a month to be noticeable, both pound- and pants-wise. Jump-start your own diet success here.

4.  Having a "cheat day" once a week will sabotage your diet.

False. Experts say that giving yourself a couple extra treats once a week while dieting might actually help you stick to the new eating regimen. If you're too rigid about your food choices, you'll likely cave on other days -- so, ironically, being disciplined about splurging can be a good thing! These healthier versions of super-yummy desserts can be a sweet way to cheat.

5.  If you're trying to figure out whether a diet book is legit, which of the following credentials should the author have?

RD, MPH, or MD
RD, MPH, PhD, or MD. You definitely want at least one of the authors of a diet book to have a specialized nutrition background, which all of these acronyms indicate. Keep an eye out for outrageous claims on the book's back or inside front cover -- if the diet advice sounds too good to be true, it probably is. (Here's some that is expert-advised.)

6.  Skimping on breakfast and lunch is...

A genius way to cut calories and still eat dessert after dinner
A trick all the celebs use to stay slim
A good way to prevent overeating and mindless snacking at work
A strategy that will probably lead to overeating at night
A strategy that will probably lead to overeating. Not having regular meals can cause your blood sugar to plummet, which leaves you starving and irritable by the time dinner comes around, making it easy to inhale everything in sight. Plus, nighttime eaters are prone to extra late snacking. Then, because you scarf so much at night, you're not hungry for breakfast or lunch the next day, which puts you in p.m.-munchie mode all over again. Here's how to break the late-night-snacking cycle.

Congratulations: Your rank is Professional Athlete
You know almost everything you need to know to stay toned and trim, but some aspects of health and fitness just aren't part of your job description. Wanna be an expert? Subscribe to the Daily Fit Tip, or follow@FitnessMagazine on Twitter and you'll be a Fitness Guru in less time than it takes to train for a 5k.

so maybe i do know a thing or two about dieting and nutrition. bottom line is crash dieting is no fun, even if you get to eat a bunch of yummy garbage. 

here's the take away...get an early start on a fit lifestyle, eat a healthy diet, don't skip meals, enjoy naughty nom noms once in while, and keep in mind that slow and steady wins the race.

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