Friday, March 2

preschool lunch menus bite!

i've been running around checking out preschools. at the the start of the school year, my little guy will be around 20 months. oh my, how time can fly!

around here, preschool registration is extremely competitive. early bird gets the worm. the best schools fill up fast and have waiting lists as long as the nile. and, if you know me, you know i'm getting a late start. i mean, it's march. why the heck do i need to register now? because, all the smart moms registered their kids in january.

well, have you ever heard the saying, "second mouse gets the cheese"!
good news is the schools at the top of my list still have availability. after doing a little research, i've found two that would be perfect for my munchkin. being a little unconventional worked out for me!

is it bad that i marked about two dozen schools off the list because their menus had main entrees like chicken nuggets, fish sticks, mac n cheese, and pizza? why do preschools even serve this junk?

i don't completely deprive my boy from these tasty treats. but that's exactly what they are...treats. treats he gets at playgroup, birthday parties, and grandma's house...not food for everyday.

it just so happens that of the schools i'm most interested in, one requires that the children bring their own healthy lunch and the other has a lunch-lady that makes a wholesome and healthy lunch daily.

i make an honest effort to give my family good that's good for us. i limit processed/packaged foods to organic cereals (without sugar) and oatmeal, flour, protein powder, and tuna fish. at times, i buy canned tomatoes and sauces. but that's it. you won't find snack bars, chips, crackers, candy, soda or the like in my house. not because they don't taste good, but because we'll eat them. the truth is, those foods are just not good for us.

i feed my son fresh whole foods. each meal has a protein, veggie, and fruit. he sits down to eat, and he eats what i give him. i prepare foods with spices and herbs. sure, it takes a little more time to cook, than to open up a jar or packet. but, with a little planning, it's easy. and, it makes me feel good to know that i'm doing what i can to give him a good start to healthy life.

i think it's a little lazy for a school to serve up food that's been frozen or fried. i want my child to learn how to count, sing the ABCs, read, write, be a math whiz, play an instrument, AND learn how to eat healthy.

a school should nourish a child's mind and body.

i know one day he's gonna make food choices that'll make me sigh and roll my eyes.

but, until then, i promise to do my very best to prepare him to make balanced choices. like, if he's gonna have pizza, he'll have a slice with a salad. or, if he goes for ice cream, he'll choose a small cup with fruit toppings, not the large chocolate dipped waffle cone with candy galore. a mom can dream!

the point is, if he's gonna have pizza, i want him to choose pizza. i don't want pizza to be his only 2 years old...when i'm paying a pretty penny for preschool!

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