Friday, March 30

swim lessons for toddlers: when is the best time to start?

summer is quickly approaching. the weather has been wacky here in Texas. a mild winter and early spring has made for lovely weather...low humidity and nothing above 90 degrees. like i said, it's wacky. but, it's texas, so the heat wave is inevitable. the lakes, rivers, ponds, and pools will soon be a refuge for all.

time to get out the beach towels, beach balls, floats, and noodles. we've got sunscreen bottles all over the house...we use that stuff year round! we don't have a pool, but we do have family down the street with an beautiful pool. and, we've got the best friends in the world, whom we love so very much, who have a cool boat they're gonna be taking to the lake all the time (if you're reading this, and you know who you are, invite us, please).

me and LT are pretty good swimmers, and we love being in and around the water. so, it was only natural to start thinking about swimming lessons for our little guy. at 16 months old, he's starting to throw tantrums. these days EVERY public fountain, and there's a lot of them around here, incites something terrible when i don't let him dive in. the trashing and high pitch squeal is nearly enough to throw him in. calm down, i'm just kidding. but, i did realize that this kid needs to learn to swim.

did you know the American Pediatric Association (APA) once warned against swimming lesson for children under the age of 4? they thought early swim lessons may increase the risk of drowning. the concern was that swim lessons may reduce fear of water and encourage children, not developmentally ready, to enter water without adult supervision. also, they believed parents would have a false sense of security that would lead to inadequate supervision. due to a lack of evidence, they've since reversed their position.

though children under 4 years of age who've completed swimming lessons do have a reduced fear of water, they also have skills that may save their lives. maybe that's why APA has had a change of heart.

in fact, today, the APA says that swim lessons for 1-4 year olds may actually reduce the risk of drowning. click here to read the full report...i recommend you read it.

the take home is swim lessons are a good thing. and, NEVER leave your kids unattended. click here for some water safety tips from the Red Cross.

our little guy has just begun his swim lessons. we've decided to go with Infant Survival Swimming. i can't wait to report on the progress next week. until then, watch this!

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