Wednesday, April 25

10 easy snacks for kids on the go!

these days we're pretty busy. we leave the house around 9am and don't get back until lunch time. toting around a toddler takes mad skills. talk about tempers and tantrums, and he's only 17 months old. and, this boy can eat!

kids should eat every 2 to 3 hours, so they get all the get all the calories and nutrients they need to grow. adults should maintain metabolism and avoid overeating.

let's face it, the snack options out on the road are appalling. i am guilty of serving my son snacks that come in greasy sacks. i justified it as my best option in an emergency situation...aka screaming child. now, i am always prepared. i never leave the house without snacks.

when you think snacks think real food just smaller portions. if you eat grains make sure they're whole-grains. try to stop buying chips, cookies, or fruit roll-ups. if they're not around, you can't eat them. i'm a huge fan of the white-out movement and feeding kids real food. you can read about this awesome trend here. also, i try to buy organic, but, any fruit is better than no fruit.

prep work: these snacks are easy to prepare and will travel anywhere. most require just a rinse. some require a quick slice before you leave the house.

utensils: i always carry a fork and toys are my favorite! wet wipes clean up mess like nobody's business. these days, an extra t-shirt is required.

food safety: this isn't about washing your hands, though you should. this is more about precious life. DO NOT EVER LET YOUR CHILD EAT IN THE CARSEAT!!! that means not even when you're driving. always supervise your little ones when they're eating to avoid choking dangerous.
snacks we love:

1. cheese sticks - no mess and they're come individually wrapped

2. fruit - apple, pears, easy to peel clementines or oranges, and bananas.

3. carrot sticks - steam these ahead and they're good for any age

4. berries - raspberries and blueberries are sweet and bite size

5. cherry tomatoes

6. grapes

7. peanut butter - the individual packs are a life saver. you can spread on whole-grain bread or eat straight out of the packet like my little guy. Justin's is my favorite!

8. boiled eggs - great source of protein

9. avocado - i always score points with this one. i can throw it in the bag, and bust it out at a restaurant when all else fails.

10. horizon organic milk box- the single serving cartons don't have to be refrigerated. drink with the straw or squeeze into a sippy cup.

fast food options:

starbucks - these are on every corner. fruit, great snack boxes, and sandwiches. just stay away from the sweets!
chick-fil-a - fruit cups, chicken salad (the chopped up kind mixed with mayo), and grilled chicken sandwiches.

chinese/japanese food - these are in every mall. order a stir fry without the sauce. eat brown rice or even better, no rice.

wendy's - the chili is healthy and tasty. let it cool off.

burger joints - eat the beef. these days, they all have fruit options and milk, too!

a rule of thumb (or two):

if I avoid eating certain foods for weight-loss or health reasons, my kid probably shouldn't eat them either.

we stay away from the typical drive-thrus, but if we must, we stick with the beef or grilled options. skip the fried stuff...that includes the fries! 

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