Monday, April 30

my kitchen makeover: how i found inspiration to get started!

i'm doing it! i'm going to give my kitchen a makeover. after getting a few estimates, i've decided to just do it myself. contractors charge a hefty fee, and i'm not in a hurry. so, i'd rather save the money for a rainy day, roll up my sleeves, and slap on some paint.

we bought our home nearly 8 months ago. i love it! it's big and open and feels cozy. we have big back yard with lots of trees. it needs some work, but i'm up for the challenge!

the guy we bought it from lived in the house for about 18 years. oh, and the wallpaper, it's everywhere...mauve and blue flowers. i've got my work cut out for me! 

i decided to start with the kitchen. you know cause painting cabinets is easy, right?

did i mention i have absolutely no painting experience. i've never even painted a wall?

check out our kitchen (photos from the listing):

there lots of honey-hued wood, and it's throughout the entire house. the one word that comes to mind in this house is "warm". warmth is a good feeling in a home, but it can be overwhelming and dated. i'm ready to give this place a makeover!

the good news is the previous owner put in a few upgrades: granite countertops, tile backsplash, and tile floors.

i imagine a little paint will do the trick!

jump right in:

my advice for you DIY junkies is to just jump right in. you'll never make any decisions, so just get started. i spent weeks looking at paint colors. making a decision on paint is so hard. go to the web, and find some rooms that inspire you. find some you can model after. keep in mind, if you have a suburban home, and you're looking at pics of warehouse lofts, that look might not transfer well. 

end goal:

also, you've got to think about what your end goal is. if you're remodeling to sell, stick with neutral colors. if you're making your home more "you", then pick a color. you might end up wanting a shade darker or lighter. so, buy three paint samples: your pick, one shade lighter, and one shade darker. go home and test them in the space.


i highly recommend looking through design magazines or books and searching the web. find at least 5 pictures that have the color(s) you're going for. i say 5, because after picture 3 or 4 you might change your mind.

pinterest is probably the best place to find inspiration, these days. it's also the best place to collect and organize all the pictures you find online. 

of course, i chose one of the boldest, darkest browns.

sherwin williams - otter

here's what i'm going for...

 via lynn martin on pinterest

 via morning aura on pinterest

i've gotten this far...cabinet doors.

we'll see how they turn out! can't wait to give an update and tutorial on saturday, fingers crossed!

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