Friday, April 27

my best friend is getting married!

woohoo! i'm going to a wedding! a very special wedding. my best-friend, Sara, is getting married. i love her sooooo much and can't wait to celebrate with her. her fiance is awesome. a real handsome, smart, witty, sensitive, red-head. i'd mention his name, but he'd make me delete it. we'll call him "D". he might even make me take down the pics of him. but, we'll try to keep them a secret.

i had just moved in to my new house in 2004. the first house i ever bought straight out of college. this house was amazing. it was my dream home! it was tiny. and, it was in a ghetto. no, really, it was in a ghetto. i was told by my uncle, a police officer, that i shouldn't move there because it was a "contained drug zone". meaning they wouldn't be doing much to make it safer, because the drug dealers and addicts would just spread somewhere else. i thought it was charming...the sirens, the helicopter spotlights, and the shabby crackhouses. it was my hood!

Sara was the welcoming committee! she came over and introduced herself with big smile and cheery disposition. within a few minutes, she invited me over to her house. she was painting and was excited to show it to someone. i walked into her house, and the first thing i said was, "i can't believe you let me into your house. you don't even know me." we couldn't have been more different.

as soon as i moved into my house, my family moved to Singapore. so, Sara became my support system. she has no idea how much i looked forward to her coming over and asking me if i wanted to go for a walk with the dogs.

over the years, she was my rock. through our ups and downs in life, we there for each other. we laughed and we cried. kept each other's hair out of the toilet bowl. we danced. we ate...we ate a lot. and, we worked out together. we did everything together!

when my sister, Amanda, moved back from Singapore, it was always the four of us. Sara and D were like mom and dad. they fed us and gave of advice. they took care of us. and for that, i will always love them!

yay...they're finally getting married! i can't wait for them to have a baby! geez, i'm one of those people. oh well, i don't care. i totally want them to have a baby!

here are some pics from the past! mostly from camera phone's, so there a little fuzzy.

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