Sunday, May 13

mom, thank you!


there's no doubt my sweet disposition comes from you. my ability to forgive, i learned from you. living my life with such positivity, well, that's from you. i can't take credit for my beauty, because it's a gift from you, too!

but, it's my undeniable strength that i will forever thank you. no matter where i've been, no matter where i go, no matter if i have just a penny in my pocket, i will have the strength to walk tall, face all, and come out the other side with a splendid smile on my face and a triumphant beat in my heart. thanks to you.

the life we've lived is what great stories are made of. one filled with joy, heartache, laughter, sorrow, wonders, purpose, poverty, riches, and love. above all, no regrets. at times, it seemed near impossible to rise above. but, of course, we did! we became keen, compassionate, tough, hopeful women. ready to for the next challenge. and, it's because you were by our sides, holding our hands, and leading the way. looking back, i laugh knowing i can handle so much more. one can only hope to have a life a full as ours and experience as much as we have. that too is a gift from you!

today, i am a mother, a wife, and a sister. i can only hope to fulfill these roles as you do...with every single piece of your beautiful heart.

you are mother, and for that, i thank you.



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