Friday, May 18

toddler survival swim lessons: we're making waves!

he's always been drawn to water. and, last summer we spent a few weekends in the pool at grammy and pappy's. he loved it!

about 6 months ago, i started researching swim lessons. i thought it was a good time to start with Summer approaching. every fitness gym with a pool offers them. but, i stumbled across something that sounded fascinating. it's called Infant Survival Swimming. doesn't that sound super cool!? so, i signed our little guy up with a private instructor who came highly recommended. 

after completing Infant Survival Swimming, a young child is supposed to gain the skills to float and swim to the edge of a pool, if he was to fall in accidentally. click here to see a compelling video 

our first lesson was awesome! the swim instructor said that LO was the easiest baby she's ever had on the first day. she followed by saying, "we'll see how he does on his second lesson". i didn't know what she meant. of course, he'll be awesome. i was thinking he's gonna be the best swimmer she's ever had EVER! well, the second lesson might have been her worst ever. LO was excited when we arrived at the pool. ready to get in, i handed him off. he splashed a little and laughed. but as soon as she walked towards the center of the pool, he began crying. the instructor said, "mama, now's a good time for you to hide". 

i watched from behind a pillar. his cry changed from a whine to a blood curdling, fearful cry. i called my husband. why? i don't know. i guess i wanted him to hear our baby crying, too. another mother who's daughter had just finished a lesson comforted me. she said her daughter cried just the same for the first several lessons. "they get over it and it gets fun", she said. so, i calmed down and waited for what seemed an eternity...a whole 5 minutes. did i mention the lesson is only 15 minutes twice a week for 6 weeks. before i knew it, the lesson was over. i walked over to my baby boy and gave him a huge smile and told him what an amazing job he did! within seconds, he was fine and ready to jump back in.

for the next 4 lessons, LO did great! he was holding his breath under water and had began swimming. however, he never got over the separation anxiety. over the next couple of lessons, he was not improving. he refused to swim and screamed through the entire lesson.

now, i'm getting into the water with him. the swim instructor is guiding me through the lesson. LO loves it! he began improving immediately. he's now swimming and kicking! he has gained confidence, and it's hard to keep him out the water! we're having so much fun.

just like anything else, the trick is to stick with it!

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