Wednesday, May 2

a texas hill country wedding...sara style!

talk about a wedding! and, boy does this gal know how to throw a party!

first let me talk a little about where we stayed. we, family and close friends, had Inn Above Onion Creek all to ourselves. with sara and danny, we to got relax, get massages, eat delicious food, hike, explore the gardens, and just take in the beautiful scenery! this place was amazing, and the staff was so gracious.

it was perfect, beautiful, and oh so texas! did i mention it was a Conde Nast Johansen recommendation in 2003. this 5 star hill country getaway will swoon you! i promise.

it's set on 88 acres of scenic hills and gardens. with a main house, suites house, and two free-standing cottages.

Amy is an angel. i don't believe the word "no" has ever come out of her mouth, as she performs miracles to ensure each and every heart is humming with happiness. and, you can imagine the demands she is given and the pressure she is under with the number of bridezillas that go through this place. Sara was not a bridezilla, i'll have you know.

Don makes things happen...when i procrastinate and wait til the very last minute to treat my bestie to a pre-wedding massage for two! he's also is a fabulous photographer (see his wedding pics at the end). he walks around the grounds taking care of business. i think he might be a secret agent. so calm and collected. i swear i saw an earpiece. i'd show you a picture, but they didn't have one up on the Inn's website. wait, could that mean, ya, right?

Chef Marcos is the chef at the Inn. but, did you know that he's a magician too! this guy can silence a room...with his food. the wedding party was made up of some of the loudest people on Earth! they don't speak, they shout. and when they're excited...well, fogedaboudit. as soon as the food hit the tables, all you could hear was the sound of forks and knives pinging and clanging, and voices singing "mmmmmm". it was like music. i guess that kind of makes him a musician, too!

the kitchen crew gets accolades. the food, every single bite, was delicious and decadent. and, the service was impeccable. the cookies, oh my gosh, these guys make the best cookies, pancakes, waffles, eggs, prime rib...i could go on for days. they make this roast beet salad with goat cheese...yum!

i loved that there was always something to eat. oh, and how cool is this, each night around 9pm the staff leaves, and if you're parched or get the munchies, you can just walk into the kitchen like it's home and grab a bite. and, it actually feels like home...if home had a professional grade kitchen and fridge filled with heaven.

you can check out the their very own blog...delicious recipes!

the gardens and hiking trails were gorgeous. i've lived my whole life in texas, and this place makes proud to be texan. living in houston, i forget how beautiful this state is. the grounds and views at Inn Above Onion Creek are breathtaking.

thanks to sara and danny, my family got to enjoy Maurice's cottage, one of two free-standing cottages on this 88 acre property. it was super lovely!

this place is pretty close to some famous eats. so, we took drive to Dripping Springs and had some bbq at texas' famous Salt Lick.

then, we flew a kite.

here's the bride and groom being serenaded at the rehearsal dinner.

we woke up the next morning and got a massage!

these ladies helped de-stress and relax the bride. they made it feel more like we were out with a bunch of girlfriends enjoying a little gossip.

then, we just took it easy.

now, let the wedding begin!

i had to give you a pic of me and my hunny. we clean up real good!

i missed the toast and cutting of the cake, cause i was putting my little guy to bed. so, here's a little something i would've said.

dear sara and danny,

congratulations to my best-friends in the whole-wide world! talk about power couple. 

i love you. i really love you. danny, i love our debates and that you always tell me the truth and the advice you give me is like gold. i know i can always trust and rely on you. you are a a sensitive, handsome rock with a heart, of course. sara, you are my best-friend. i know that i am only one of your best-friends. but, let that be a testament to who you are and how special you are. your presence can fill a room with a glow that cannot be denied. and, your laughter, it's so loud and so fun. you're sweeter than honey, but you'll roll up your sleeves and have someone's back like nobody's business!

the love you have for one another is true and felt by all. and, you are surrounded by people who love you. know that we will be there for you for whatever it is you may need. thanks for being there for me! 

and, man do you know how show us a good time! i heard you guys are throwing another bash back home. i can't wait to celebrate with you, again. i'll give you guys a proper toast!



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