Friday, June 8

8 pregnancy essentials!

i've got a friend with a bun in the oven, so i thought i throw some tips her way!

1. sparkling water - helps with the morning/noon/night sickness and is a healthier alternative to popping antacids. its also an easy way to stay hydrated when plain water isn't appealing.

2. ginger - whether you have ginger snaps, ginger chews, ginger ale, or ginger bubble bath, all pregnant  swear by ginger. another tool for queasy tummies!

3. pregnancy phone apps - stay on top of your baby's development and the changes in your body with a phone app. some even have forums for Q & A.

4. pregnancy books - "What to Expect When Expecting" is the quintessential pregnancy handbook. reading a little everyday with put your worries to rest so you can get a goodnight sleep.

5. body pillow - as your belly grows, it's hard to find a comfortable position when sleeping. a body pillow cradles and supports your body so you feel like you're sleeping on a cloud. my favorite is the leachco back 'n belly.

6. comfy yoga stretch pants - when nothing fits and everything is uncomfortable, there's nothing like a pair of yoga pants. you can wear them everywhere and do just about anything in them! i love Gap's eBalance.

7. body butter - smear this all over your body everyday to help keep skin moisturized. it'll make you feel lux and get that belly ready for blooming.

8. prenatal vitamins - gives a dose folic acid, calcium, and iron to keep mama strong and baby's neural tube healthy.

do you have any pregnancy goodies and tips?

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