Wednesday, June 6

Free Nike Training Club App: a personal trainer in my back pocket!

there's been a lot of buzz about the Nike Training Club (NTC) ? i first heard about it at the beginning of this year...when all the new year's weight loss resolutions were still fresh and exciting.

so, what is it? well, it's an app for the iphone that delivers the best personal trainers with the best workouts to get, as Nike puts it, "lean, tone, strong, and focused". after taking a sneak peak, i decided it was worth the price. oh, wait, it was FREE!!!

with nearly 100 custom workouts, easy to follow instructions, and tips from celebrity trainers and olympic athletes, you can workout anywhere, anytime, anyway you want. the workouts range from beginner to advanced and last between 15 to 45 minutes.

NTC has video demos, music, a countdown, and the voice of a personal trainer coaching you through your couldn't be any easier! what more could you need? a hologram, maybe?

i'm using it to help get in a workout every day. i used to have excuses. now, i'm going to be stronger than my excuses...and leaner, and toner, and more focused.

my fitter future is all in my hands. you know, because it's on my phone which goes in my back pocket!

what are you waiting, go download it (it's FREE).

start the NTC 24 Day Challenge today!

for the next 24 days, i'm going to complete one NTC workout a day! no worries if you don't have an iphone or an ipad! i'll be posting my workouts and my progress on twitter and facebook. if you want to be my workout buddy or just cheer me on, click on the icons below.

Photobucket Photobucket

let's get delicious!

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