Monday, June 18

hey dads...happy father's day!

though this is a day late, i did not forget father's day. i made a promise to myself to keep my MacBook closed on this very special day, so could spend my precious time with my precious family! i've never been known for working ahead.

i wish every fantastic father in the world a happy father's day!

two in particular will get singled out for a special shout-out!

my dad 


you are the reason i dream! and, unlike most dreamers, you are the reason i adore my life just the way it is. my love for food, family, music, and education came from you. my c'est la vie with a smile way of life is from you! and, looking someone square in the eye with my fists in the air ready to rumble over the last ketchup packet in a burger joint...well, that's from you too!

did i ever thank you for:
  • hugging and kissing me everyday
  • having breakfast with me every morning
  • supporting everything i do
  • teaching me to stick up for my self
  • giving me a appreciation for the 70s
  • taking me to the "pickle store" every Sunday
  • loving my son

and my husband


i love you! i love you so much. you are amazing! i am not just a better person with you, i am the person i have always wanted to be. you encourage me to follow my dreams...even if they cost you a little bit of money. i love that we can talk, we can talk about anything. i've never laughed so much in my life, i've never smiled so much in my life, it's kind of ridiculous! you are the sweetest, most honest, most intelligent, most handsome, and most integral person, and i'm all yours! i remember telling my mom just a few days after meeting you, "i love him, i think i'm going to marry him." and, now we have a baby, well, not a baby anymore, but a boy! did i mention that you're amazing, and that i love you?

did i ever thank you for:
  • hugging and kissing us everyday
  • having breakfast with us every morning
  • supporting everything we do
  • tickling us and letting us poke you in the ribs
  • giving me an appreciation for health and fitness so we can live a long life together
  • working so hard so i can spend every moment with our son
  • loving our son
  • for being the most amazing father

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