Thursday, June 14

#StayAtHomeMommyProblems: the sick baby, the stove, and the selby

things have been out sorts around here. a sick baby can really turn a house upside down. okay, so that's not fair. i can't blame everything on him except that he's isolated me from the rest of the world and i've gone mad. but, i love him more than sunshine and snickerdoodles, so i forgive him. i'd choke out that icky bug that he's got, if i could!

there were a few other things going on around here that were the culprit for a life less certain. a broken stove forced us into a life of takeout. i even had fried chicken. now, that's living life dangerously around here considering we've taken a vow carb celibacy. did i mention the stove finally got delivered after being "lost" for a week. oh, and the delivery guys couldn't intall. not their job, they said. and, it doesn't fit the countertops. but, we did get the new fridge up and running...the impulse purchase we didn't need. it is big and shiny!

have i workout, you ask? heck no! i do keep trying on the brand spankin' new yellow dress i bought two weeks ago. yo, it's cool, and like i can't breathe in it. it still fits, though! i never thought i'd be going through pull-up withdrawals. i was starting to get some pretty guns. ahhh, who cares, i've got the rest of my life to workout. as soon as my Liam Oliver heals up, i'll do crunches 'til my little heart's content.

in the few moments i have during the day when i'm not holding by poor little sick toddler, whom i love dearly, i've been daydreaming about all the things we could be doing like riding bikes, playing at the park, going swimming, feeding the ducks, walking the trails, visiting the dog park...our everyday rituals.

i've also been wondering what other people do when they're at home. not ordinary people, but inspiring people, the movers and shakers of what makes life colorful and interesting!

the selby took care of that voyeuristic craving. here's what i've been peeping at!

artist curtis dulig, new york city

artist isabelle tuch, sao paolo

artist wolfgang joop, potsdam

designer purveyor greg woooten, new york city

supreme coffee, auckland new zealand

illustrator christoph niemann, berlin

designer yasumichi morita, tokyo

creative director colin tunstall, new york city

architect genevieve and artist jake walker, melbourne

chef eric werner, tulum mexico

tartine, san francisco

urban farmer annie novak, brooklyn

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