Tuesday, July 3

y'all, i'm officially a cowgirl!

i'll admit i dragged my feet into the San Antonio Shepler's Western Wear. looking for boots seemed like a daunting chore. who knew there were so many choices! Sonia, Shepler's boot aficionado, said i should just go with a simple pair of brown boots, and then when i buy my next pair they can be flashy. next pair? there wasn't going to be a "next pair". this was THE pair. 

i couldn't make up my mind...a shopping quandary most girls relish and some even get a rush from. a boot is a boot is a boot, right?

i needed boots for three good reasons:

1. i'm going to Calgary's Stampede...huge rodeo (was told that i must wear boots!)
2. we were going to a western wedding in Blanco, Texas (i wanted to fit it!)
3. i'm a Texan (every Texan should own a pair of cowboy boots)

after two visits to Shepler's, countless loops around the aisles, and test-driving dozens of boots, i aimlessly wandered to the clearance rack. low and behold, there they were. the most perfect pair of cowboy boots ever made! the yummy color of caramel and leather as soft of silk, and they even had beautiful purple stitching to boot!

i LOVE them! and, they're magical boots. as soon as i put them on they turned me into a bonafide cowgirl,  on the way to the wedding, i requested we listen to country music. i started speaking with a texas twang, and once we arrived, i strutted around in my new bootyful boots like it was no thang. 

once the wedding was over and the boots came off, i kept wondering when i would get to wear them again. the Rodeo wasn't for another 2 weeks! that seemed like an eternity. i'm telling you, i love these boots!

i've been back home in Houston, Texas for two days, and my boots have been by my bedside. i told my hunny that i don't want to put them away, because i just want to look at them. it just seems wrong to pack them up in a box and store them away in a dark closet.

last night i turned and said, "thanks babe, i really love my boots! i just want to wear them all the time, everyday to the park, the grocery store, everywhere. i can't wait to wear them again."

he said, "you can! you can wear them whenever you want."

i giggled. i don't have the courage to wear them everywhere. why do i need courage the wear them? why does it have to be a western event? that's dumb. i'm in Texas. i CAN wear my boots whenever my heart desires. 

the only left to do is learn to two-step! oh, and we should get horse!

ain't those them there nocona boots just darlin'?

here are some more family pics at the Two Sisters Dance Hall.

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