Friday, August 31

create a fitness plan (and STICK TO IT)!

when speaking with friends about fitness goals, there are three common reasons for not reaching them:
  1. falling off the diet wagon
  2. missing a scheduled workout (or two or three)
  3. not enough time
first, let me say there is no perfect diet, no perfect workout, and no perfect time.

sure, goals are wonderful, and you should have them. set them high. get some motivational mantras and pictures. pin them up on the fridge and set them as your screensavers. but, goals alone don't get you where you want to be.

you need a plan! 

plan - the process of thinking about and organizing the activities required to achieve a desired goal

here are some things i do to make a PLAN and STICK to it:

1. make a list of goals

think about what you really want. do you want to be healthier? do you want to be stronger? do you want to be leaner? write it all down. heck, put it on a poster and make it pretty.

2. eat real food

clean out the pantry. most of the food you think is helping you lose weight is not helping. all those low-fat labels mean more sugar and more calories. if you're trying to avoid eating a cookie or potato chip every time you walk into the kitchen, you're family probably shouldn't be eating either. if you're really craving something, go out and get it. it'll taste better and be more fun!

2. take advantage of technology 
find the time to workout. using the calendar on your phone or computer will help you schedule it in! set a reminder, too. and use phone apps to journal your food and track your workouts. 

3. use the buddy system

workout with a friend, join a class, or book a training session. it's harder to skip out if you're accountable to someone. plus, getting involved in a fitness community will strengthen your fitness goals. finding like-minded people who have similar goals will remind you of why you're doing it.

4. make it a habit

remember it takes 21 days to create a habit, so stick to it! use a calendar to mark your daily success. and, be proud of yourself!

5. variety is the spice of life

you're less likely to skip a workout if you're excited about it. doing the same thing in the gym day in and day out can get real old, real fast. keep it exciting by doing different workouts each time. spin class one day, yoga the next, maybe kick-boxing, then some weights. whatever you do, make it fun!

6. make it a lifestyle

it's not about 21 consecutive days of hardcore workouts and diet. it's about making a daily decision to be healthy. think longterm! crash diets never work. don't worry about what you're gonna look like in a month. it takes time. it took me nearly a year to lose 50 pounds. if i had based my effort on what i looked like 2 months in, i might have quit.

set your goals, make a plan, know that it takes time, and you will see a difference!

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