Friday, August 3

don't drink this: starbucks vanilla (bottled) capuccino

starbucks vanilla capuccino
calories: 290 
fat: 4.5 g (2.5 g saturated)
sugars: 45 g
sugar equivalent: 32 Nilla Wafers

i love coffee! hot, iced, black, creamed, flat, or frothed. my morning usual is hot coffee with cream.  i
almost always skip the sweet. every once in a while, i'll add a drop of honey. coffee is said to have a bounty of benefits. brain-boosting, cancer prevention, lowering depression, and protection from type 2 diabetes, just to name some. but wait, if you're drinking those sweet bottled coffees, there's one more benefit...weight gain and diabetes! if you've been dying to fit into those loose jeans, this is the drink! jokes aside, if you need a caffeine buzz to get going, go for a fresh cup of joe or latte...sanz sugar. those bottled drinks never taste as good as you think. if you have a sweet tooth you can't control, have a little honey. and, if want you're looking for is a sugar coma, wouldn't you rather just eat the Nilla Wafers with your coffee!

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