Monday, August 27

don't drink this: sunkist soda!

320 calories
0 g fat
84 g sugars

One of Men's Health's 20 Worst Drinks!

okay, all soda's are relatively bad. sodas undo all the hard work we put in to watching our weight and health. because liquids do not satisfy hunger, people end up consuming more total calories leading to weight gain. these sugary drinks are also linked to the increase of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and high cholesterol. even the diet varieties are linked to weight gain and stroke, and some studies show that our bodies react in similar ways to artificial sugar as it does to real sugar. 

however, when it comes to the fruity sodas, they take the cake. don't let the fruity flavor fool you. fruit flavored sodas are just that...flavor! and, Sunkist, well, it has nearly double the sugar content of those caramel colored colas! "But what seals the orange soda’s fate on our list of worsts is its reliance on the artificial colors yellow 6 and red 40—two chemicals that may be linked to behavioral and concentration problems in children."

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