Wednesday, August 15

happy 100th birthday, Julia Child!

just in case you missed it, today's would have been Julia Child's 100th birthday. most people who don't know who Julia Child is usually go, "oh yeah" when the movie Julie & Julia is referenced. these days Julie Powell, whom the blogger character who cooked her way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking is based on, writes a witty and refreshingly honest blog here. she's nothing like the cutesy, aloof girl in the movie...thank goodness! i like the real Julie Powell so much MORE!

by the way, did you know that Julia Child wasn't a fan of the Julie Powell Project? here's Julie's side of the story.

check out this video of Julie Powell remembering Julia Child, here.

okay, back to Julia Child...

one of my earliest memories is laying on my grandma's bed and watching Julia Child on PBS. i remember how soft my grandma's silk bedding was. i also remember dreaming about Julia's food. my mouth watered when watching Julia cook while my grandma, also a fantastic cook, whipped up something yummy. the smells of garlic and onion and the visions of souffles and stews had that certain je ne sais quoi. i didn't understand the significance of what Julia Child was doing. all i knew was that i wanted to be just like her. she inspired me to cook and to eat. she showed me how to have fun in the kitchen. above all, she taught me that everything is better with cream and butter!

 check out my version of julia's beouf bourgingnon, here

just in case you haven't gotten your Julia Child fill, here are some pictures and today's popular links!


take a look at google's homage image, here

go to wikipedia's Julia page for bio and facts, here

Ruth Reichl shares what Avis, Julia's best-friend and pen pal, wrote regarding the perfect meal, here

watch the huffinton post's best Julia Child clips, here

your mouth will drool after looking at yumsugar's slideshow of Julia's classic recipes, here

The Chronicle spotlights Houston chefs celebrating Julia Child, here


julia child a spy? that's the claim, here

read about Jacques Pepin's friendship with Julia, here

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