Thursday, September 20

run for your life and look cute doing it!

i know there are people that LOVE running. and, those people run super fast. i'm not one of those people. however, running (combined with lifting weights) does some amazing things to my legs and butt. nothing else leans me out like running! i'm not talking about crazy long runs. 2-3 miles at a swift pace and a few sprints a couple times a week is more up my alley. there aren't any marathons in my future. the truths is it doesn't matter how fast you go, it only matters that you GO!

don't think running is for you? it has lots of health benefits! lower blood pressure, stronger bones, sharper mind, and better sleep are just some from the Runner's World list. Women's Health Magazine has a really neat article about the physical and mental benefits of running like increasing energy and elevating mood. come to think of it, i always feel supercharged, motivated, and happy after a run!

haven't ran since middle school? no worries! start slow. there are lots of tips and guides for starting a running regimen. here's an running program from Runner's World that will get you running 2 miles in 8 weeks.

now if that didn't get you motivated, maybe some of this essential running gear will!

sunscreen - you've got to protect that beautiful skin! i'm really into tinted sunscreen these days. i love the flawless look even if i'm running. plus, it hides the white face from the zinc oxide! for an awesome reviews on natural/mineral sunblock, read this!

headbands - my scalp is super sensitive and gets sunburned in minutes. my go-to military hat is cute, but i really like the weightless feel of wide headbands. not only do they block the sun, but they wick away sweat too!

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

sunglasses - after getting lasik eye correction, i can't leave the house without a good pair of shades. the eyes are just as susceptible to damage from the sun's rays as the skin. i use running as an opportunity to wear fun and funky sunglasses i normally wouldn't wear out.

sports bra - these are a must-have for all women! you've got to keep the girls in place. no matter how small or how big, with time, gravity will do it's thing. so, do what you can to slow it down. plus, you don't want to be THAT girl that bounces around the hood.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

racer-back tanks - okay, these really aren't a necessity. sure, a t-shirt does the job. racer-backs are just super cute and super flattering! my faves are from Forever21...just under $5!

running shorts - do you always run in knee-length yoga pants and wonder why everyone else is wearing running shorts? try on a pair! most of them have built-in supportive panties, concealed pockets, and colorful patterns. what's not to love about that?

these are some of my favorites:

Source: via Tia on Pinterest

Source: via Nathalie on Pinterest

shoes - wear what works for you. if you're not sure what kind of shoe you should be wearing, make a visit to a specialty running store for a fit. oh, and the cuter the better!

music - make a playlist of songs that get your heart racing and make you want to dance.

run trackers - get a app for your phone to track your distance and your time. this will help you reach your goals and see your progress!

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