Tuesday, September 25

your body is your temple...time to clean house!

i started working out because i wanted to lose weight. i wanted to fit into cute clothes and look pretty. i mean, who doesn't want to look pretty? i changed my diet by scrapping all the carbs and sugars and started a consistent workout routine. after about 6 months, i started to see a difference. the next 6 months was even better. my body really started to change, and i felt super confident and strong. over the last 6 months, i've noticed huge changes. i've got some muscle and everything is smoother and tighter. it's awesome!

i've always wanted to wear shorts. do you remember those "who wears short shorts? we wear short shorts!" Nair commercials? oh how i envied those bronzed legs in neon shorts. before this year, i don't think i had worn shorts in public in over eleven years! come to think of it, i didn't even wear shorts at home. that's just crazy, right?! ELEVEN YEARS! That's an ENTIRE DECADE! how is that even possible? i spent my entire 20s in cheap blue jeans and ill-fitting capris. the very few pictures i have of myself during that time are so weird to look at. it's me, but it's not me...you know what i mean? UGH!!! someone who loved me should have told me how horrible i looked!

that's my gorgeous mom. and that's me...a size 16.

it's so crazy how losing some weight can give you so much freedom. i feel lighter in so many ways. it's not only the physical weight, but it's the metaphorical weight lifted off my shoulders that changes everything. i'm not saying that it's completely changed the core of who i am. but, man does it make it so easy for me to be who i want to be! that's my motivation.

and, it's still a day to day chore. you've heard the saying, "your body is a temple". okay, maybe it's a bible verse or something. the point is everyday you have to do a little bit of housework...take out the trash, sweep the floors, clean the counters, do the dishes, clean the bathrooms. spray down the windows, mop, etc, etc, etc. i don't ever wake up and want to do dishes. who wants to do dishes? my home is not spotless, but it's clean. if i just gave up on cleaning, it'd totally be a sad episode of Hoarders. my body is the same. everyday, i have to choose to not eat a whole block of cheese and a cup of peanut butter. making a conscious decision every morning helps me maintain my body and my goals. it's not like i can stop working out and munch down on chocolate cake everyday just because i lost 60 pounds. i swear, if i take two bites of chocolate cake twice a week, it'll all come back...two-fold, no less!

it's all about vigilance! i've got to keep a watchful eye on my cravings, and i've got to hit the gym at least 3 days a week. it's just my way of life. but, it's soooo worth it. doing a little work each day ain't no thang. because now, when i take out trash, i get to do it in cute little neon shorts!

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