Friday, October 5

buy this, not that: colored jeans from Target!

everywhere you look ...pretty shapes and colors. colored denim is for everyone! no matter your size, shaped or style, you can rock these too! don't believe me. check out these ladies!

i thought this fad would be over this past summer. but, it looks like color is where its at this Fall! green, red, yellow, purple, peach, blue, red, pastels, and neons, the colors are to dye for!

the deal

you can get these from any label...J. Crew, Gap, AG, Seven, Hudson. you name it, and that high end label makes it. wait, but there's no need to break the bank.

you get an amazing deal on colored jeans from Target. these supersoft, thin, and true-to-size jeans are perfect year round! at $22.99, these are a steal!

tips for colored denim

still not convinced you'll look awesome in these? here are some awesome tips from The Curvy Fashionista!
  • fit is always key. especially in colored jeans! if you are confident in showing off your derriere, make sure your fit is sharp! so this way you are not pulling and tugging and your pants all day(you know what i mean!) 
  • if you are curious about the trend but are a bit timid, opt for a shade of blue! think of them like a sister to the traditional jean hues! 
  • pair with a bold contrasting color to pump up the jam! 
  • cuff the bottom of your jeans for an extra dose of chic appeal and pair with a great pair of wedges for spring! 
  • i love a billowy blouse, crisp blazer, or relaxed tee- the key is, you should be comfortable and your boldness of color should reflect your attitude and style! 

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