Friday, October 12

don't drink this: sierra nevada big foot

330 calories
32 g carbohydrates
9.6% alcohol

One of Men's Health's 20 Worst Drinks

who doesn't love a cold beer or two or three? they're potato can't have just one! but, if you're drinking Sierra Nevada's Big Foot Ale at 330 calories a bottle, you're taking in 3X the calories. most of us of looking for ways to cut back and loose a few inches. this beer will surely undo any effort to slim down if you can easily throw back a few. now, a good beer is worth the calories if you're really enjoying it! and, at 9.6% alcohol, you probably only need one! so, to avoid a beer gut and a hangover when you're really letting loose, reach for pilsner instead. with a third of the calories and half the alcohol, you'll be glad you did!

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