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my workout at LSRF and the Russian Conjugate Method!

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i did it! i walked into that...i'm not sure what to call it. screw's a gym. you see, the place i'm working out at, Lift Strong Run Fast (LFRS), isn't a crossfit gym. if it was a crossfit gym then the place would be called a "box" because it's a big square warehouse space filled with weights and bars and ropes instead of fitness machines. i think this place used to be a crossfit box back in the day or at least that's what someone said. the philosophy and theory at this place is a bit different crossfit. there's a focus on form, strength, explosive movement, acceleration, and quickness rather than sheer speed and competition. the foundation is the Russian Conjugate Method (RCM) which allows for max lifts with ample recovery time. RCM is all about rotating muscle groups and exercises so you can continuously lift heavy without overtraining.

here are some resources for the Russian Conjugate Method:

in any case, Lift Strong Run Fast (LFRS) it's exactly what i was looking for. isn't that name awesome? i mean, who doesn't want to lift strong and fun fast? not to mention, the coaches are very supportive and knowledgeable!

i'm all about gaining strength, and i think having muscle is really cool! at the end of high school and beginning of college (about 14 years ago) i was weight lifting with a bunch of guys who were trying to bulk up. i did the same lifts with much lighter weight. i was in the best shape of my life. and, then, i just kind of quit. i'm not really sure why. but, it felt awesome once i started back up in my garage about year and a half ago. i started off really slow and light and just moved up from there. i went from dreading the workouts and hating the diet to pushing myself to the next level and loving the lifestyle. now, i'm all about getting stronger and faster. you know, just in case there's ever some apocalyptic event and i've got to carry heavy gear. climb over fences, and jump from building to building while taking people out left and right. okay, maybe i've been watching The Walking Dead. it's highly unlikely we'll have to survive zombies, but it's super dope to know that i could if i had to. i just need to get in some target and weaponry practice!

so, back to the workout. my first week at LSRF was pretty good. i'm used to more strength building workouts, so lighter weight and more reps was a change...a good change! this is what i did this week:

Tuesday, i was super pumped about just getting there. i'm always running a little late, so i didn't have time to eat my breakfast. i ate a Honey Stinger Waffle and drank water. i was little nervous, but i got over it and focused on the workout. i finished and it good time! i couldn't wait to get back the next day.


shoulder press 3x 20 @ 45 lbs

bent over  row 3x20 @ 50 lbs
neutral grip bench press @ 10 lbs

upright row 3x20 @ 20 lbs
dips 3x20 @ 140 lbs with dip assist

i woke up Wednesday morning and felt great. i had an egg and sausage, coffee, and water. i wasn't sore as was ready to kick butt! i wasn't sore at all, but i knew it was coming. i'm always sore on the 3rd day!


100 bench jump overs
800m run
1000m row
100 GHR
100 sit-ups
100 skaters
500 jump ropes
5 min stationary bike
50 burpees

i really didn't think i could do 100 bench jump overs, but i acted cool like i do it all the time. and guess what? i did it. and, drum roll...i did the entire workout in under an hour!

it's amazing what some peers and clock will do for your performance. i mean, there was no way i was going to throw in the towel without tearing it up! i had something to prove. turns out, every time Mr. Fit (the husb) nagged me about my form, he was looking out for me. all that training and practice in the garage paid off!

btw: i'm super duper uber sore now, and it's awesome. i'm walking around like i'm tough and ripped, cause that's how i feel! yeah, i know, i'm awesome!

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