Wednesday, October 3

to have or not to have...another baby?!

okay, okay, i've got baby on the brain. if you're surprised, well, so am i! why is it that women get this strong desire to procreate (especially when their best friends are doing it)? men have so easy! they just want to make them. but, we, we want to raise them. if we could skip the whole gestation thing, we would. it's like we've got to make these people, and give them the tools to save the world, cause we know how to do that or something. i can't control it. i want baby, i think!

i already have ONE. why do i feel the need to have another? it's so weird. now, don't get me wrong. i love being "Momma"! it's amazing having an amazing baby and being an amazing "Momma"! but, pregnancy was doozie! i know some girls are good at vomiting, but i'm not! i get all red and sweaty and then lay in bed with a migraine for rest of the day.

uhhh...the weight gain! it's been 22 months, and i'm just now fitting into skinny jeans. i'd really like to go on another romantic beach vacation to like Costa Rica. i'm like 7 11 pounds away from a bikini! and those first few newborn baby months are super hard. spit, poop, and puke all over everything. plus, it seems like i'd need Cirque de Soleil skills to juggle a baby and a toddler and a house and two dogs and a husband. 

do i even need to go into what it does to a couple? we were wild, fun, jet-setting, and passionate! okay, so maybe we flew coach, but now we can't even do that without pissing 200 people off! we're still cool...somewhere in there. but, bring baby number 2 and i might as well buy a night coat and let the hubs wear his work socks to bed.

oh, babies smell so good like cherry vanilla turnovers. their skin, it's so soft like butter. you make them with love, then bake them till their all warm and delicious. then, you hug them and kiss them and love them, and they grow up to be precious and perfect and family!

i'm really trying to figure this one out. should i have another baby or just eat some dessert? what happened to the days when i debated over which shoes to buy or when my biggest dilemma was where to have brunch? oh, those were the days. i'd blow $150 for brunch and act cool like it was no big deal...but it totally was because i had like $32 in the bank. this is a way bigger deal! babies cost way more money, and i'll for sure never go to a bottom-less brunch again. didn't i just tell everyone how stoked i was to wear cute little shorts for the first time ever?

i'm crazy! a baby? maybe!

here's a old fashioned pros and cons list. because that's the way to make a decision, right?! it's also a good excuse to make a cute graphic for you to cut out!

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  1. The pros outweigh the cons...and you two are thoughtful, fantastic parents! Go for it!

  2. Love this post!! You know what the Matulas say...join us and hv another!!


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