Tuesday, September 10

y'all...i totally had a baby!

here's a giant announcement! if you've been wondering why i've  been missing from the bloggy world, i've been making a baby. dude, making a baby is hard work!

first of all, i'm not one of those girls that loves pregnancy. my body, my mind, my ME, just disappears. a green-faced, lazy, unmotivated, boring, uncreative, sleepy-head is all that's left. okay, i'm exaggerating a tiny bit, but it's a total body hostage takeover. this pregnancy was much like the first one...plagued with hyperemesis gravidarum. you remember when Kate, The Duchess, was preggers and sick...yeah, that! in the beginning, i thought i was dying. 20 weeks of not eating, migraines, non-stop puking, fainting, dizziness, and a trip to the ER was a real nightmare. the anti-nausea meds didn't work, so i spent a lot time in bed trying to hold it together. the severe sickness didn't subside until about 28 weeks. don't get me wrong. i was thrilled when i found out we were having another baby. but, feeling so ill can really bring you down. i'm horrible at being pregnant. good news was by the end, i was feeling good and getting my energy back in time for some last minute nesting.

and, wholly guacamole, the changes your body goes through are unreal. my pregnancy glow was an illusion made up of sweat and a yellow complexion. and, obviously weight-gain was on my mind. after all, i do chronicle my weight loss and fitness journey. it wasn't a huge concern...a healthy pregnancy was! i figured, if i lost the weight once, then, i could totally do it again!

since cooking was out of the question, our family went from wholesome, healthy delicious meals to tons of takeout and tacos. which, in the beginning, didn't effect me since i couldn't even look at food without upchucking. i lost 11 pounds in the first 17 weeks. then, quickly shifted gears to a hand over fist appetite. it was also the lack of motivation, appeal, and creativity (hence no blog posts) that kept me out of the kitchen. i had zero cravings, so i just are everything. weight gain became a problem of the past. let's just say, i made up for lost time...in no time. oh, and i didn't hardly worked out. well, i'll give myself a little credit. i worked out until i was about 8 weeks, and then my body just freaked. after my last workout, i puked out the car window on the way home, and was crazy sore for the 4 days. and that was only at about 50% of my normal lifting weight. so i quit. then, i tried some light squats and lunges with no weight, and that hurt too! towards the end, a couple days a week, i managed to get to a gym to walk on a treadmill and row. on top of that, i was squatting daily (without weights) and doing some ultra light yoga at home to prepare for childbirth. it's crazy how quickly my body went from fit to flab. my arms are softer and my thighs are bigger. but, the best part is, i don't really care. heck, i made a baby! i thank my lucky star i have a sweetheart for a hunny. he was super duper supportive and took care of me and our family!

although i hit a few stomach turning bumps in the baby making road, i enjoyed the ride. i threw caution to the wind, let it tousle my hair, and had fun in the sun. i'm talking carefree in booty shorts, sexy tankinis, and tummy-hugging tanks...cellulite and all!

our baby boy is now 7 weeks old, and we're doing swell! now that life is settling down a bit, i'm getting back on track...eating healthy (no dieting since i'm nursing) and working out a bit.

and since i'm feeling more like myself, the creativity is flowing. now that the computer screen doesn't give me vertigo, i'll be giving more blog posts and videos again. just be patient, and i'll keep them coming. time is a thief. after all, this blog post started off as a pregnancy announcement!

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