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overeating? here are some tips for portion control!

have you ever finished a meal, looked down at your plate, and wondered how the heck you put all that food away? if you're anything like me, you always clean your plate! no matter what you eat or how you eat, you probably overeat!  whether you're paleo, low carb, gluten-free, or vegetarian, eating too much, too often is not good for your body. when we get happy when a plate is piled high, it's time to learn some portion control...not just for the good of our waistlines, but for our health and hearts!

there are some goofy ways to watch portions. like...use smaller plates, smell your food before each bite, and chew 30 times before swallowing. oh, and have you seen one of those partitioned plates to measure serving sizes?

yeah, that's not happening!

start by eating healthy:

i'm going get on a soapbox now. but, i promise i won't come on too strong! it's just because i feel compelled to share with you what has worked for me!

- cut the starches, sugars, and carbs. people, contrary to what the commercials tell you, Nutella is not a wholesome breakfast, and cereal provides ZERO nutritional value. eat some eggs and bacon. it tastes better and is good for you!

- reduce the amount of oil and butter you cook with. try to always use olive or coconut oil. get rid of the margarine! have you read the ingredients...that stuff is mostly plastic. use real butter.

- eat fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits.

- drink lots of water...your body needs it.

- snack on nuts and cheese in between meals if you're hungry, but watch the portions.

- limit the amount of foods that come individually wrapped or's full of sugar, salt, and preservatives.

here are some links for eating primal/paleo:

practical ways to practice portion control from forevershe:

- understand how much food your body needs. for example, an avid weightlifter needs a massive amount of lean foods to build and maintain muscle. so, if you want to eat to get lean, to lift heavier, to build muscle, to run faster, or all of the above, there is an amount of food and a way you should be eating.

- measure your food. what you think is 1 cup and what is actually 1 cup might totally surprise you.

- journal your food. these days, you can find an app for your phone that makes it super easy. myfitnesspal even has a barcode scanner! it's great for keeping tract of the protein, fat, and carbs you're eating. you can find me there at delicious_wife.

- make a habit of never going for seconds...unless it's a special occasion or holiday, of course.

- if you eat out often, ask the waiter about the ingredients. get it grilled instead of sauteed or steamed instead of stir-fried. be prepared for the portions, and split with a friend or take half of your food home. you could ask for a doggy bag to come with the dish, so you can back it up before you dig in.
- don't scarf you're food down. enjoy it. drink water through out your meal. 

- eat as much as you need, not as much as you can.

here are some helpful portion tips from fitsugar:

-fruit = 1.5-2 cups
-vegetables = 2.5-3 cups
-grain = 5-8 ounces (whole grains preferred)
-nonfat or low-fat dairy foods (milk, yogurt, or cheese) = 3 cups
-protein (meat, beans, eggs, nuts) = 5-6.5 ounces; seafood = 8 ounces per week
-oils = no more than 5-7 teaspoons. most should come from foods like fish and nuts.

your hand can be a powerful measuring tool:

-two fingers = one serving of cheese
-open palm = one serving of meat
-closed fist = one serving of fruit or vegetables
-cupped hand = one serving of cereal or grain
-tip of thumb = one serving of margarine, oil, or salad dressing
-thumb = one serving of candy

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  1. Thanks I will try, however my problem is that I sit too much in front of my computer working.
    Lena from Borås Sweden

    1. most of my "bad" eating happens when i'm sitting in front of a tv or computer screen. if i really want to snack, i snack on veggie sticks, almonds, and, this is going to sound bad but it's really not, pork skins! good luck, and thanks for the comment!

  2. This is great info! Thanks!
    Katie Pfalzer

    1. hi Katie! i'm happy you liked it. you know, you should be sharing some of your beauty secrets with me! :-)

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