Monday, August 13

top of my game, sweating, and a little pinspiration!

you guys, i'm super proud! like, super duper proud. i made it through 3 weeks of body bootcamp. besides the fact that it's at 5:30 in the freaking morning, it's pretty tough crazy hard. but, hey, i'm always up for a challenge. did i mention that there is absolutely no reason for me to wake up anytime before 8am?

the hour long, outdoor class begins with 2-mile run for time (i ran it in 13:20). then, follows with an assortment of sprints, running stairs, running hills, walking lunges, inverted push-ups, planks, step-ups, and whatever else our trainer wants to inflict on us. i've never, i repeat, NEVER, sweated so much in my life...for real. and, there are moments that i feel like i'm going to puke in my mouth, but because i haven't had food for over 10 hours, nothing actually comes up. was that TMI?

oh, and i finish first...every time! you'd be surprised if you saw the other ladies in the group. they're hot mamas. i'm in the best shape of my life. and, it feels good amazing! i'm having so much fun that i look forward to the next workout. i'm talking, plan out my gym clothes, pre-pack my gym bag, and daydream about kicking my dust into the mouths of those tennis-playing MILFs. just kidding!

with 3 weeks to go, i need to stay on the top of my game. i've got to stay motivated. Pinterest has never-ending supply of it!

here's my pinspiration for the week:

via pinterest

here's a workout:

this workout was dead lifts (65 lbs) and crunches for time. i think it was sets of 20-15-9, but i can't remember. i didn't feel like replaying and counting. i know it seems easy, but the dead lifts really kick my butt!

in all, i surprise myself with every workout. now, if i could just stop stuffing my face! :-) i'd tell you what i've been eating, but instead i'll do a bit on portion control. you should come check that out on friday!

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