Thursday, November 25

LO...a baby is born!

through my pregnancy, i just kept thinking one day my water is gonna break and i’m gonna get the epidural and it'll be all good.

does it ever happens that way? no, don't tell me. that was rhetorical.

i was ten days overdue and at a checkup when the nurse realized that i had lost 60% of the amniotic fluid.  i was admitted and in the hospital for 3 days on cervadil to help dilate my cervix.  the demerol made it such a blur. i got to 6cm, and the doc decided to start petocin to induce.  the contractions came on so strong. in went the epidual, and it was smooth i thought. my baby’s heart rate had been dropping, the doc wanted him out.  i pushed twice and then they pulled the alarm and “coded” they baby.  within minutes, they had pulled him out with a vacuum.  did i say pull…i mean ripped him out, if you catch my drift.

they let me see him for second.  i reached for him cuz in the movies you get to hold your baby after he comes out.  but the nurse said that they needed to take him.  i was so out of it, so it really didn’t register.  did i mention i was also on demerol? 

the doc then sewed me up, twice.  i guess she didn’t like her first attempt, so she gave it a second shot.  after about half an hour, i was able to hold oliver.  when they brought him over, my heart melted. 

i waited in the delivery room for about two hours, because my room wasn’t ready.  my mom went to get everyone food.  i hadn’t eaten in two days…only ice chips.  i had turkey and dressing with cabbage and mac and cheese, courtesy of luby’s.  i was so thirsty, so i chugged down about 1 ½ liter of water.  some one should have told me to slow down. 

when i finally got to my room, i got settled in, and mom, dad, sister, grandma all went home.  LT said goodbye to baby and went home.  he had been sleeping at the hospital since we arrived three days earlier.  he needed to get the house ready.  remember, we went in for a check up and didn’t plan for an emergency delivery.

the nurse came by to show how to pee.  i told her, i know how to pee.  she said, “its gonna be different this time.  you’ve got to spray this, and squirt that, while you go.”  i didn’t listen.  i started to pee and it felt like i was on fire!   with tears streaming down my face, i pleaded to her, “i can’t do this.”  she held my hand.  i cried. it was so sad, but so funny looking back.

i practically crawled into the hospital bed.  but it all went away when i put my arms around baby.  the next two days, he laid in bed with me and i just cradled him.  i was learning how to nurse him, and he was learning how to eat. 

it was beautiful, blissful, and peaceful. life would never be the same.

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