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hi! i'm melissa. welcome to delicious wife. as a foodie and weightlifting enthusiast, i love to share my recipes, workouts, and goals. this is a place of positivity and motivation for me to chronicle my healthy lifestyle. just like life, my body under goes changes. and, my journey is to embrace those changes and love my body...all of it.  

about me

you know those blogs written by celebrity blogger. well, that's not me. i am so normal, and i live a very normal life...a life i love! i'm a room mom. i clean my own house. i cook my own food. and, well, i suck at laundry.

but, before you get bored, just know that i've lived a very, shall we call it, colorful life! i was born in Houston, TX. but, i had the wonderful opportunity to grow up in a small, smelly refinery town. i managed to dodge most of the trouble it had to offer me but got my fare share of shenanigans. trying to balance adolescence and helping to raise a family can be tricky...my parents were a kind of kookoo back then. we've all managed to grow up to be respectable, honest, and contributing members of society. man, if i told you stories, you'd never believe me! let's just say, we've come a long way.

today, i work from home as a marketing consultant/burgeoning real-estate investor learning from every possible mistake that can be made. after months of wrestling with banks and contractors, i collected a rent check only to break even 4 years later. did i mention that i made lots of mistakes. okay, so maybe it's not my calling. the bright side is i get to stay home and be boss of the house. i thank my sweet as sugar husband for doing what he does, so that i can spend everyday with my cute as cupcakes sons. i'm still getting the hang of it. i think about doing laundry, but never really get around to it. i'm pretty good about doing the dishes. i try not to forget to feed the dogs.

after a couple buns in the oven and now raising two boys, i'm desperately working at getting my cool back. my wardrobe consists of 8 v-neck pocket tees (have one in every color), half of which are too big and sloppy, and yoga pants. i'm about to wear a hole in my favorite flip-flops which i wear everywhere. my hair, lucky if it sees a brush, is usually in a messy bun. and at times, i smell nice. if you're lucky, i might even put on lip gloss. it goes without saying, i'm a work in progress. i'm an awesome mommy! my goal...to be a delicious wife.

i'm a pretty darn good cook. before the kids, i use to spend hours in the kitchen experimenting with fancy recipes. i loved cooking succulent savory dishes and decadent desserts. i was also 50 pounds heavier. my new kitchen repertoire consists of quick, healthy, yummy meals that can feed the entire family...babies and all. i usually don't know what's going on the table until about an hour and a half before dinner time.

one day my little guy will shove a candy bar in his face and chug a cola. until then, i will make sure he eats only the best. i'm not a chef. i'm not a nutritionist. i'm just a mom who loves to feed my family delicious and nutritious foods.

feeding my family wholesome, organic foods is a priority. we eat mostly fresh foods and staying away from foods that come in boxes or cans has become second nature. we eat lots of fruits and veggies. beef, poultry, pork, and wild-caught seafood is always on the menu. trying to buy organic grass-fed, free-range, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free foods is the goal. i don't punish myself or think twice if i don't. most importantly, i'll never turn down tacos, a jumbo jack, or deep dish peach pie! that would be rude.

we also try to keep a green house as well by using natural and non-toxic personal and cleaning products. notice, i said, we try. sometimes, you can't beat convenience and some messes need hard-core cleaners. i went a little nuts with it once the baby was born. i totally freaked myself out by reading way too much about all the bad stuff. i've relaxed a lot, but still make a daily effort.

eating healthy and working out are a part of my every day. my blog and my body have been through many phases. i've been paleo, i've done a ketogenic diet, i've counted calories, and i've watched the scale. but, i've never been happier. i'm not focused on weight-loss anymore. it's all about self-love for me!

i LOVE my curvy body! sure i've been thinner. these days, my goal is getting stronger. stronger body, stronger muscles, stronger mind, stronger will, stronger love. i have to give myself a lot of credit for getting to this place of confidence. i've learned it's about surrendering. letting go of the past. moving forward. honoring who you were, who you are, and who you will be.  

i'm excited to share all the things that make my life so delicious!

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