Thursday, December 30


he was swaddled in the hospital and has been swaddled ever since.

i was skeptical, but it works. it gives him a sense of security and warmth. the theory is that it mimics the womb. babies are freaked out by the sensation of space. it activates the startle reflex. when their arms are flailing around, they feel like they are in free fall. bundle them up and their back in the womb. it also helps to calm baby down when overstimulated.

when swaddling, you want to make sure baby is snug as bug. however, you want to make sure you don't wrap too tight. breathing room and a little leg space is crucial. also, don't layer baby up in the blanket to avoid overheating.

i tried all kinds of swaddle products. these are the ones that worked the best for me.

muslin blankets 
these were very stretchy and he'd get loose. they worked when he was in the swing. i would lay him on top of the muslin blanket, and when he fell asleep, i would wrap him up.

i used swaddle blankets. these would never tuck in very well. and, the end wrap result varied each time. i would end up re-wrapping either cause it was too loose or too tight. i couldn't seem to get it right. it was a bit bulky. SwaddleDesigns worked the best with the instruction stitched rights one.  they were really cool designs too!

hands-down the best! i loved these things. they have a perfect little pouch with plenty of leg room and easy overlaying "wings" with a velcro tab to keep it secure and cozy. warm enough to put on while in the nude and cool enough when all dressed up. no more tucking, no more pulling, no more folding, no more bulk, and no more worrying. 

they're like teeny-tiny straight jackets. their awesome!

LO after a deep slumber

the plan is to swaddle until he's 3 months old. 

i subscribe to the theory that the first 3 months of life is the "4th trimester".  a theory from "Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp, M.D. this is a book i highly recommend!

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