Sunday, April 17

what's up baby: 5 months

LT has been busy.

he's still sleeping through the night which i am thankful for! as far as eating, i'm still breastfeeding every three hours. i don't expect that will change soon.

we've been going for walk. you know, trying to get back in tip top form. this week we went for our first jog! a whole two miles with two short breaks. not bad considering i didn't so much as go for a walk around the block while he was in my tummy. 

we're riding in style too. a gift from my mom, the BOB Ironman is freaking awesome! i imagine in a month's time, i'll be back to a size 2 bikini body. 

ha...i wish. so, maybe i'll be in a 10...i've never been a size 2. either way the jogging stroller is a must have!

i'm still getting tons done around the house with the bouncy seat! i just throw him in and he bounces, and bounces, and bounces until he passes out. 

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