Wednesday, June 22

new play area: montessori based

after enrolling in a montessori class with LO, i got inspired to make changes to his bedroom and play area. by the way, i loved the class and will have to give you details very soon!

we started with the play area. the concept behind the montessori play area is to provide a child with a space:

1. that is appropriate to the child's size and needs
2. to develop independence and confidence
3. that promotes harmony, order, and cleanliness
4. that facilitates movement and self-directed activity
5. that includes materials to support development

i have hopes that this new play area will help to develop creativity and talents. all you can do at this point is to help nurture intelligence. by providing a space that will encourage him to make decisions, seek challenges, and care for his environment, he will be learn to make goals and reach them!

i know it may sound goofy. i just want to give him a place all for that will light him up and make him shine!

this space has lots of shelves, a pull-up bar and a mirror. we included a stool and a couple of baskets for misc items. it is next to my workspace, so i can get things done too!

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