Friday, September 30

breastfeeding is a thing of the past

LO and i had a talk today. he told me that he's growing up, and he doesn't think he wants to be breastfed any longer. he says it holds him back. he says it's inefficient use of his time. at this time in his life, he's ready to make the right decisions that will propel him into his full of promise and distinction. he's thinking perhaps a career in the field of aeronautics.

i know...i was just as surprised as you are! i thought he would be more interested in the arts.

at any rate, he refuses to be breastfed. i've encouraged him to continue with no avail. he has no interest in it.

so, from this point forward, my little boy is becoming a man. before long, he'll be packing his bags and moving away.

the bright side is, i have a little time to help him reconsider...i was banking on rockstar!

the last time he nursed was my first night back from the romantic getaway. i managed to capture it!

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