Wednesday, October 26

keeping on my toes!

it had been about 3 month since my last pedicure! i had freakin' joke. honey didn't seem to mind. but enough was enough when i slashed my self kicking off a sandal. i'm talking blood and pain.

my toe nails weren't too cracks or chips. shellac lacquer really is worth the extra bucks. with a 110 pound dog that steps on my feet daily, a baby that loves the playground, and a honey loves to run barefoot, the paint really held up.  

not sure why i just didn't make the time 2 months ago. isn't it hard to pull yourself away from the family once in a while? 

i once wondered why honey goes to the home improvement store on Saturday afternoons. we all need a break, right? i've decided to make my own routine trip to the "home improvement store". what's the difference, really? mine caries paint, paint remover, dremels, shears, and sand paper. the best thing, my "home improvement store" serves wine! anyway, my pretty toes improve the home, don't they?!

delicious feet make me feel pretty. ignore the bruise..compliments of dewey, the dog!

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