Monday, November 7

sauteed garlic green beans

baby loves green beans...loves them. he scarfs them down everytime. i'm takin' hand over fist with a mouthful. I have to hide the green beans until he finishes his meat. otherwise, he won't eat the meat. he'll throw it on the floor and demand more green beans. seriously!

he LOVES them!

i choose haricot verts, because they have a brighter, fresher taste. standard green beans sometimes taste like dirt, literally. also, i prefer the more delicate texture. i usually cook 2 lbs at a time...1 lb for baby, 1 lb for mommy and daddy. baby's is gobbled up in about 2 days. 

before baby could chew, i skipped the garlic and pureed the green beans until smooth. adding reserved boiled water bit by bit helps to thin it.


1 lb of haricot verts (also known as french green beans)
2 cloves of garlic (minced or pressed)
1 tbsp olive oil

start by rinsing the green beans. bring 5 cups of water to a boil, and add green beans to boiling water. boil for about 10 minutes until softened...soft enough to mush between fingers.

drain water and add 2 tbsp of garlic and 1 tbsp olive oil. return to stove, reduce to medium heat, and saute for 2 minutes. you want to garlic to be aromatic and tender.

cool, cut (if you've got little ones), and serve!

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