Thursday, December 15

one lucky egg makes for one lucky day!

the morning started off just like any other...

i put on a pot of coffee...panamanian roast. hot coffee in seconds. i love my bunn coffee maker!

a splash of cream and a squeeze of honey

and then, like magic, i got a lucky egg! double yolks...something i have only heard of and never really seen. when i flipped it, it didn't pop! now, that's luck!

then, my bacon, which i usually burn due poor multi-tasking skills, sizzled to perfection.

and LO started putting the dishes away. wow, lucky eggs really work!

then, i ate my breakfast. it tasted better than ever.

LO thought so too!

i couldn't wait to see what else the day would bring!

holey moley, cults is coming to town...the cherry on top!

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