Tuesday, January 10

eat clean, get lean: rapid fat loss diet - day 14

sticking to a diet is freakin' hard, but i don't have to tell you that. you know, cause you've probably dieted a dozen times. if you're saying to yourself, "nope, i've never been on a diet", well, you're lying. if you're not lying and have really never been on a diet, well, i hope you choke on carrot crudite!

for those of us who proudly admit to dieting, know it is not only an physical journey but an emotional one as well. and let me say that i become particularly bi-polar when trying to cut back and slim down. one second, i'm totally in control and ready to take on the day, and the next second i'm starving to death and can't stand to even hear you breath. i'm not one who usually craves cream puffs or daydreams about ding-dongs. but, put me on a diet and i'll eat spotted dick out of the trash can in a heartbeat...british steamed pudding, now that's desperate! dieting takes work.

after all the hard work, the last thing i need is wash it all down the drain. all kidding aside, it's not hard saying no to a slice of cake. it's all the itty bitty bites through the day that ruin it. but it's only one bite of mac n cheese, sip of soda, and nib of chocolate, right? wrong! have you heard the saying, 'if you don't eat it all, it doesn't count"? bulls*t...it counts, it totally counts no matter what diet you're on. for one, it wrecks your willpower. two, it all adds up no matter what diet you're on.

but, it counts so much more when on the rapid fast loss diet. any smidgen of sugar will set you back 1-2 days, seriously. remember, i mentioned your body kicking into ketosis once your body has no more carbs to convert to glucose. well, it can take anywhere from 5-14 days for your body to go into ketosis. so, you can imagine how those itty bitty bites can slow down your fat loss in those first few weeks. once you're already in ketosis, it can take you're body 1-2 days to recover from a slip-up. you're already allowed a free meal (something like that sandwich you've been craving, not a whole pizza), so those tiny slip-ups here and there can really add up. before you know it, you've gone from 1-2 days to 4-6 days to go back into ketosis. that's a week wasted. and for what...a bite of stale sourdough. put it down, and back away. it's not worth it.

no one ever said it would be easy. so, here are a some tips that help me out.

aspartame/sucralose: studies now show that these artificial sweeteners contribute to weight gain. without the scientific mumbo jumbo, your body may not be able to tell the difference between artificial sweeteners and real sugar. this can result in the production of glucose. if you're body produces glucose, it not need to produce ketones. if you're not burning ketones, then you're not burning fat. bottom line, skip these saccharine swindlers for the time being.

for more on, read this.

resistance training: whether you use resistance bands, machines, or free weights, maintaing muscle mass is crucial. because ketosis can cause a loss in lean body mass (aka muscle), starting or continuing a training program will be greatly beneficial. not only will it help you get lean, it will help you stay lean once you're finished with the diet. those who stick to a workout regimen are more likely to maintain weight loss. but, remember, on the rapid fat loss diet, too much exercise will hinder weight loss.

fruit: fruit is delicious and healthy too! but the truth is sugar is sugar no matter if it's natural or processed. your body can't tell the difference between the two. natural sugars convert into carbohydrates. when you're in ketosis, fruit is just as bad as cookie. save it for dessert...once you're off the diet.

starchy vegetables: beets, carrots, peas, beans, parsnips, corn, and sweet potatoes are heavier in carbohydrates. eliminate these! it is true that you can eat an unlimited amount of vegetables, but they can't be starchy. for risk of being too redundant, i'll just say, sugar is sugar.

so, without further adieu...

i blame it on too much lifting (more muscle tone) and not keeping close track of my food intake. every gram of protein, carb, and fat count. i need to start counting!

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